Sun Drops 2-In-1 Sunscreen & Multi-Active Serum SPF 50

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WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL? ◉ High quality organic filters - chemical (organic) filters of a new generation. They are fotostable, and additionally they help stabilise other chemical SPF filters. ◉ It’s a rich source of vitamin E, microelements and unsaturated fatty acids. It perfectly nourishes the skin, it also visibly and significantly reduces the visibility of wrinkles - even the deep ones. ◉ A molecular combination of derivatives of glucose and xylitol; it increases the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and improves the inner fluid balance in the skin. It provides immediate and long-lasting hydrating effects, and effectively binds and keeps water in all layers of the skin. ◉ A biomimetic polymer - decreases the transepidermal water loss, thanks to it creating a non-occlusive layer on the epidermis, keeping water inside of it. THE SECRET RECIPE • Multi-active drops that combine the necessary SPF protection with everyday skincare. Their light, satin formula absorbs easily. • The Buddleja Officinalis extract and organic UV filters safe for the skin and the environment provide a multidimensional protection against UVA, UVB, IR and HEV radiation. • An innovative combination of hyaluronic acid with glucose and xylitol derivatives effectively reaches the deep parts of the skin. • Nectaria Lithops™ - increases the synthesis of vitamin D3 in the skin by up to 100%*. Lithops extracts provides a balanced microbiota, improves microcirculation and skin’s oxygenation, slows down the breakdown of collagen and increases the water reservoir in the skin’s deeper layers, improving moisturisation by up to 93%**. METHOD OF USE Use Sun Drops in the morning for the first time, as the last step of your skincare routine - after cleansing and a cream, serum or booster. Apply the drops onto your palm with the pipette, then spread evenly on the face and leave until they’re absorbed. Next, you can apply makeup. You can reapply Sun Drops during the day. MORE THAN NATURAL COSMETICS ALKMIE is a Polish brand of natural cosmetics. It’s inspired by nature and made with the most recent scientific knowledge, choosing the best ingredients from sustainable and eco-friendly sources from all over the world and combining them in concentrations as effective and as safe as can be. Every process and product are made together with certified dermatologists and cosmetologists, and its products are tested effectively using clinical trials. • European • Vegan • Cruelty-Free • Natural & Organic • Dematalogist Approved

SUN DROPS are multi-active drops that combine the necessary SPF protection with everyday skincare. It’s an amazing serum and a make-up base that allows you to get the best there is from sun exposure without its negative effects. A light, satin formula absorbs quickly, doesn’t white out the face and doesn’t leave a sticky residue. The formula contains the newest discovery - Nectaria Lithops extract, gathered from succulents called “the living stones”, which increases the synthesis of vitamin D3 in the skin by up to 100%. Size: 30ml

·Manufacturer: Poland

Brand Story

Alkmie is a beauty brand founded in Poland by a cosmetics expert. With sustainability as one of its core beliefs, the brand only uses naturally-derived ingredients and packaging made with reusable materials. Alkmie's cosmetics are not tested on animals and are free of parabens, petroleum derivatives and other harmful substances.

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