Our Cookies Policy
Thank you for visiting our Website. This Cookie policy (“Policy”) explains the information that we will collect from you, how we will use this information, the safety measures we have adopted in order to protect this information, and options to check, amend and/or restrict our use of this information. This Policy is part of the Terms and Conditions that are applicable to this Website. All users of this Website shall be bound by this Policy.

I. What is a Cookie?

A Cookie is an item of information that is automatically saved by browsers to the hard disk drive of a computer. Every time when you visit our Website, your web browser will send these Cookies to us, so that we can provide you with a more personalised user experience, thereby better matching your interests or your preference settings, or giving you more convenience when subscribing our services. If you do not want your system to retain a Cookie, you may set to disable it in your browser.

II. What information do we collect? How do we use this information?

1. Our Website and emails use Cookies for various purposes, in order to provide you with more convenient services and improve your user experience. We also use other automatic collection methods for authentication of the information related to the visitors of our Website, such as IP address, browser, language preference and the computer identification code. The information that is collected by using these tools helps us to provide better customer services, improve our products supply, and detect any potential inappropriate use or fraud.
2. These Cookies have the following purposes:
(1) operate and record the products that you put into your “shopping cart” each time you use our Website;
(2) allow you to access our Website safely, without the need to keep logging in to the service;
(3) record your previous operations when you are directed back to a page during the same session period;
(4) analyse and improve the functions and design of our Website, advertisements and emails;
(5) calculate the number of response to our advertisements, in order to improve their effectiveness;
(6) measure and calculate the errors in our Website, in order to reduce the number of complaints about our services and management;
(7) record the preference settings that you chose during your previous visits to our Website, such as the country/region, language, your interests and our Website’s outlook;
(8) record our answers to your questions at our Website;
(9) check if a specific service has been provided to you;
(10) provide the relevant information so that an optional service can be used normally;
(11) ITeSHOP may post advertisements on the Website according to your browsing history on our products and services;
(12) ITeSHOP may customise the emails and other direct marketing mail that is sent to you;
(13) our advertising partners may post advertisements on other websites in their own advertising network according to your browsing history on our products and services; and
(14) we can restrict the number of advertisements displayed to you, and can meanwhile evaluate the effectiveness of our advertising and promotional activities.
3. These Cookies can be saved and accessed by I.T’s group and/or our business partners.

III. What will happen if the use of Cookies is disabled when shopping at ITeSHOP?

If you prohibit or delete the Cookies, we may not be able to restore any of the preference settings or custom settings that you have previously specified, and which may restrict us from providing you with the personalised online experience. Here is the way to change the settings of the following browsers:
1. Google Chrome
2. Mozilla Firefox
3. Internet Explorer
4. Safari

IV. Storage of Personal Information

Unless otherwise contrary to the relevant statutory or regulatory requirement, the information collected from Cookies will be stored up till the time when the original purposes of such collection are fulfilled.

V. Safe Shopping

1. We treasure so much on your personal information, privacy and shopping experience. Therefore, safety retention of your information is our primary task. We strive to ensure that your personal information will not be used, stolen or deleted without your permission. We have a set of electronic and systematic safety measures in place that conform to the regulations for personal information protection. When the collected personal information is transmitted via online, we may use coding technology such as SSL for the transmission. Sensitive personal information that is included in online orders is protected by 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. This is a technology that is used by sellers to ensure the security of online transactions. The technology provides safety and protection for transactions by the use of other basic functions such as mutual authentication, data encryption and data integrity.
2. Despite our efforts to protect your personal information, you should acknowledge that :
(1) there are limitations to the safety and privacy of the Internet which are out of our control;
(2) the security, completeness and privacy of information and data exchanges through the Internet cannot be protected completely;
(3) information and data may be viewed or falsified by a third party during its transmission; and
(4) you shall bear the risk when you transmit any information to us; and in no event shall ITeSHOP be liable to you or any third party for any loss and damage.

VI. Changes to our Policy

We may amend this Policy from time to time. In case of any amendment, we shall post the amended and updated version at this Website as notification and you are invited to revisit this Website regularly to keep informed of the latest Terms and Conditions. You acknowledge that such a notification is deemed to be a sufficient notice. If you continue to use the products or the services of this Website after such amendments, you shall be deemed to agree and be bound by such amendments.

Effective on: 3rd May 2018