The toaster (3rd gen) - K05E-WH

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Product Details

Impressive freshly baked bread taste! BALMUDA The Toaster BALMUDA The Toaster enters its third generation, emphasizing both the flavor and aroma of toast, as well as its award-winning appearance. With improved steam technology and precise temperature control, even frozen bread can now have the aroma of freshly baked bread. With 5 different toasting modes, you can now make your favorite personal tastes at home. Precision temperature control in every second! BALMUDA The Toaster strictly controls three temperature settings. When the temperature is 60°C, the bread's softness and flavor are restored; at 160°C, the surface starts to turn golden brown; and at 220°C, the surface begins to brown, creating a crispy texture. Based on the balance of bread type, texture, and aroma, each mode's top and bottom heating intensity is adjusted to achieve a unforgettable flavor. 5 Operating Modes BALMUDA The toaster features 5 operating modes including Toast, Cheese Toast, Baguette, Croissant, and Classic mode. By cleverly using these 5 modes, you can bake various delicious breads. Innovative Steam Technology When using the BALMUDA The Toaster to bake, please pour 5cc of water into the upper water tank. The oven is then filled with steam upon baking, covering the surface of the bread with moisture. As the moisture is heated with the oven temperature, the surface of the bread is slightly toasted to a golden brown, while still preserving the ample moisture and butter or other oil components, locking in the aroma tightly! The Secret to Delicious Toast BALMUDA carefully analyze bread characteristics and adjust accordingly. For example, a toast with a curved top and flat bottom, toast is best placed facing the door window for the best result. ・The third generation of BALMUDA The Toaster ・New power button with 30 second auto off ・Improved temperature control to enhance the toasting ・Patented water steaming technology to fill and keep the moisture in bread ・Electronic temperature control allows the toaster to reach the desired temperature in 2min ・The two technologies combined to make the best tasting toasts and bread that are crushy on the outside and soft on the inside ・5 preset programs designed for different types of bread Product dimension (L x W x H) cm: 27.4x20.4x17.8 Retail box (L x W x H) cm: 35.7x32.1x20.9 Rated power consumption: 1300 W

· Features 5 operating modes: Toast, Cheese Toast, Baguette, Croissant, and Classic mode
· Innovative steam technology
· Dimension (L x W x H) cm: 27.4x20.4x17.8

·Manufacturer: China

Brand Story

BALMUDA's range of appliances has been elevating daily life since 2003. Founded by Chief Designer Gen Terao, the Tokyo-based brand turns everyday items into a fun-filled experience by reinventing products through design and technology. Expect a range of products for the kitchen and beyond designed and crafted with care.

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