Cleansing Scrub with Plum Kernel & Jojoba Oil

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ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Jojoba Seed Oil Although commonly referred to as an oil, jojoba is in fact a liquid wax. It has a beautiful, gold color, and a composition that gives it its high biocompatibility and affinity to skin. Extracted from cold-pressed jojoba nuts, it contains cetyl palmitate, squalene, higher alcohols, fatty acids, and vitamins. It's easily absorbed without leaving a greasy film. Jojoba wax nourishes, moisturizes, oils, and softens both skin and hair, protecting them from harsh weather conditions. Recommended for baby skin care. Salt of Bochnia Mined in Bochnia from the miocene deposits, this iodine-bromine medicinal salt is used to treat a variety of ailments through baths, inhalations, compresses etc. Saline baths relax the muscles, help ion exchange, and condition every type of skin, but are especially recommended for atopic and allergy-prone skin. This salt acts as an antiseptic and clears the respiratory tract. Zabłocka Salt This salt has the highest iodine content in the world. It has a high concentration of iodides: bromine, calcium, magnesium, silicon, selenium, as well as most trace elements. It is obtained through the condensation of saline water extracted near Dębowiec in Southern Poland. Bathing in saline brings great benefits to the entire body, inside and out: skin, internal organs, and the respiratory tract. Zabłocka salt baths are one of the oldest medical and cosmetic treatments. During a bath in warm, salty water, the skin’s pores rapidly expand and open, the muscles relax, and ion exchange can occur. Afterwards, the skin is nourished, moisturized, and cleansed, and its condition is greatly improved. The salt is especially effective at soothing atopic and dry skin. METHOD OF USE Suitable for dry and normal skin. ABOUT HAGI H-armony. We understand the significance of the balance between all the areas of our life – professional and private. We encourage a holistic approach focusing as much on the physical wellness as on the intellectual, emotional and spiritual development. A-ffirmation. We love the natural. We cherish life in all its variations.We respect the differences which make each person a unique universe. We embrace diversity. At Hagi, we like one another and ourselves. G-reen. We are constantly amazed by the beauty of plants and our planet. We are all for green environment and respect for nature which is the richest source of human wellbeing. I-nspiration. Our primary inspiration comes from people and their body care needs. We create products which support and regulate natural skin protection processes and seek innovative skincare solutions. • European • Vegan • Cruelty-Free • Natural & Organic • Dematalogist Approved

Are you looking for a truly effective skin conditioner?  If your answer is yes, this product will satisfy your needs! This peel, based on the mineral-rich salts of Bochnia and Zabłocka salt, removes dead skin cells and oils dry parts of the body. A rich variety of oils (plum & apricot kernel, jojoba) condition and nourish. The scrub leaves your skin delicate, smooth, relaxed, and smelling of tasty marzipan. Effects: removing dead skin cells, nourishing, regenerating and boosting microcirculation Size: 280g

·Manufacturer: Poland

Brand Story

Polish beauty brand Hagi offers handmade natural and organic cosmetic ranges that cater to the contemporary lifestyle. Made with sustainably sourced local plants, the label's award-winning, result-driven formulations redefine traditional skin and body care rituals.

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