Akairo Otoha

Anti-ageing cream 30ml


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Product Details

It melts into the skin and smoothes the skin around the eyes, mouth, and face line. A cream that cleanses the entire skin and leads to radiant, firm skin. Gives plump, bouncy firmness to skin that tends to show signs of aging. In addition, it moisturizes while adjusting the skin barrier function, preventing rough skin and dry damage. It prepares the skin with fine texture, so it enhances the adhesion and glue of the foundation. Ingredients: Water, BG, squalane, coconut alkyl, hydroxystearyl alcohol, glycerin, stearic acid, esters, polyglyceryl-10 distearate, glyceryl stearate, pseudojima epikola/fermented liquid, jojoba seed oil, polyglyceryl-10 laurate, placenta extract, Hydroxystearyl glucoside, glyceryl glucoside, sodium hyaluronate, sodium acetylhyaluronate, white fungus polysaccharide, astaxanthin, water-soluble proteoglycan, artichoke leaf extract, soybean bud extract, triglyceryl, glyceryl caprylate, grapefruit peel oil, orange peel oil, pencil juniper oil, odorant oil, Roman chamomile flower oil, tamarind gum, kawara mugwort flower extract, clove extract, tocopherol, pentasodium pentetate, phenoxyethanol. How to use:Take about 1-2 pearl grains on your fingertips, spread it slowly over the entire face, and apply it evenly and gently.

· 30 ml
· Melts into the skin and smoothes the skin around the eyes, mouth, and face line
· Enhances the skin texture and gives it a plump, bouncy firmness

·Manufacturer: Japan

Brand Story

Akairo Otoha, a Japanese skincare brand, offers a range of cosmetic products designed to brighten, moisturize, repair and provide high-efficiency anti-oxidation benefits. These products contain natural astaxanthin, which has been proven to have anti-ageing properties.

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