Arromic 3D 2face shower

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Product Details

"3D 2Face Face Shower"~ Shower head developed for the body and face. You've never seen a shower head like this! This is a one-of-a-kind shower head that allows you to switch between ultra-fine water flow on the face and candied water flow on your body. The top face shower uses a high-speed flow as thick as a hair to wash away dirt from facial pores, and the shower for the lower body is quick and smooth. Switch between the two water streams with one click. The water saving 50% and the booster function can increase the hydraulic power even in the apartment building and other families with low water pressure, and the hand-stop button can adjust the angle up and down 48 ° and 360 ° 3D design, which enriches various functions. The manufacturer's unique non-steel coating resists scratches and stains for excellent durability.  Face wash water flow Wash your face about 1,000 times with a high-speed water flow (35 km / h) close to the thickness of your hair (0.11 mm) and wash your pores. When you spray the shower on your face, you will feel the skin on your face stretched.  Multi-layer board (insulation water flow function). Achieve ultra-fine water flow. Place insulated water streams around the area to prevent temperature drops, while varying the intensity of the water flow to provide complex and gentle stimulation for effective cleaning.  Body-specific water flow Comfortable water flow, on average is a high-speed gentle water flow. This flow combines high detergent power with gentleness to the skin, keeping every corner of the body clean.  3D functionality 48 degrees up and down, 360 degrees left and right, enough to meet the full body bath.  Reliable stop function you can find in Take out the shower. Built-in safety valves prevent excessive pressure on the water heater during water outages. (Pressure relief function)  Made in Japan, safe and reliable  Easy to install, just turn the head to replace

· Body-specific water flow
· 3D functionality
· Reliable stop function

·Manufacturer: Japan

Brand Story

Founded in 1986, Arromic started as a brand for household and kitchen products and released its first showerhead called 'Shower Beauty' in 1998. Dedicated to showerhead research and development, the brand gained global attention for its ergonomically designed handles and delicate water diffusion plates. Arromic is at the forefront, renowned for giving the ultimate shower experience.

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