Salon style shower

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Arromic was founded in 1986 with kitchen utensils as its main product. In 1998, Arromic released its first showerhead, called "Shower Beauty". Since then, Arromic has devoted herself to the research and development of showerheads that can satisfy people's "potential needs". The careful R&D team makes the needs of the public constantly tapped. From ergonomic grips to the development of ultra-precise and meticulous loose panels, Arromic has always been at the forefront of the market. In Japan, in addition to salons, hoteliers also love Arromic because its silky touch always amazes travelers. Salon Shower / Skin Care Shower (SSK-24N) Concentrate fully on the gentle flow of water to the skin. The precision steel sprinkler produces an average of 0.3 mm of soft water flow, and the fine water flow can reduce skin irritation, which is recommended for sensitive skin. The boost function enables water savings of up to 50% without compromising availability. The dual structure of the water dispersion plate has a filtration function to remove impurities mixed into the tap water. Enjoy not only functionality, but also as an interior decoration for the bathroom. In addition, vitamin C balls can be added to the chlorine removal effect of tap water to protect the health of your family.

· Water flow can reduce skin irritation
· Recommended for sensitive skin
· Free refill vitamin C ball - 6pcs/1 box

·Manufacturer: Japan

Brand Story

Founded in 1986, Arromic started as a brand for household and kitchen products and released its first showerhead called 'Shower Beauty' in 1998. Dedicated to showerhead research and development, the brand gained global attention for its ergonomically designed handles and delicate water diffusion plates. Arromic is at the forefront, renowned for giving the ultimate shower experience.

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