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Flipping through the archives, we cannot help but be stunned by the fresh looks and joie de vivre of this wide-eyed young man. Athletic, eccentrically poised, slightly dissenting, and sporting a frizzled cut that’s nothing short of nonconformist, he had recently debuted in Japan as a model and musician.

An instant inspiration to our creatives, he became one of izzue’s very first campaign heroes. He was an icon of Asian streetstyle – the influencer before influencers. Since then, we have seen him take his music and acting to new levels, earning himself much praise amongst critics and consumers alike.

He is a force to be reckoned with. He is Yōsuke Kubozuka.

As we celebrate our 30th anniversary at I.T, we caught up with Yōsuke to talk about all things coming of age.

I.T: What are 3 things you cannot live without?
Yōsuke: A grateful heart, a drive for perfection, and the will to live by this every day.
I.T: What is trend to you?
Yōsuke: Popularity is sometimes short-lived. Other times though, it takes the world by storm and becomes a classic.
In short, if you enjoy it, just do it.
I.T: Behind every label is a story and an ethos.
What attracts you to a brand?
Yōsuke: I’m fortunate enough to have some very good friends in Tokyo who are in the trade and have been very supportive of me. I’m often inspired by them and believe in giving back by representing the brand.

“Grow your self-confidence by adopting these good traits and making them your own.”

I.T: You have once said that it is the person in the outfit that gives meaning to the outfit itself. How do you carry yourself and express your individuality?
Yōsuke: Convert the energy that goes into thinking, feeling, and even worrying into hard work and good faith. Everything starts with imitation. You come across situations where you would think to yourself, “I like this, and I appreciate that too”. Grow your self-confidence by adopting these good traits and making them your own.
I.T: Asian literature often associate turning 30 as reaching a turning point in life. How did you spend your 30th birthday? Did it have a special meaning to you?
Yōsuke: I remember I was travelling throughout Japan as a reggae musician under the pseudonym "DeeJay". It was a turning point for me because I was tempering my techniques and developing my artistic style at that time and really started seeing my life take new shape.
I.T: You’ve long been a friend and partner of I.T’s. Back in 2001, you modelled in our lookbooks and were the face of two izzue campaigns. In a way, we have grown up together and we cannot be more excited to speak to you again as we celebrate our 30th anniversary. How do you feel about this?
Yōsuke: When I first debut, I had the opportunity to work with izzue because of photographer Leslie Kee. This time, I am reunited with I.T for a special occasion. Having both evolved and progressed throughout the years and finally coming together again makes it more fun and meaningful. Thank you!
I.T: What expectations do you have for the next 30 years?
Yōsuke: I will continue to live and laugh with the people I love, as always.

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