In Tune with Palm Angels

If there was one city that rightfully represents summer, it would have to be Los Angeles. In the land full of sunshine, ocean breeze and palm trees, designer and DJ Francesco Ragazzi was inspired to create his very own brand that gleans from its skateboarding scene. Just like Ragazzi’s personal playlist, Palm Angels is rebellious, youthful and energetic. We have chosen five tunes on his current playlist in time for your summer jam.


New Shapes — Diplo ft. Octavian

Featuring Octavian's signature low rumble, New Shapes has a down-tempo R&B groove that is perfect for one of those late summer nights.


Lit — Octavian ft. A$AP Ferg

Known for his unique and off-kilter style of music that is shaping the sound of rap, Octavian presents this aptly named song featuring American rapper A$AP Ferg. Get lit with this bouncy track at a midsummer rooftop party.


Earfquake — Tyler, The Creator

Exuding an alternative charm, this catchy and rhythmic track by LA-born rapper Tyler, The Creator will have you singing along by the pool from dusk till dawn – all while having an aperitif in hand.


Obvs — Jamie xx

For times when you need to wind down and relax, listen to this acoustic track by British producer Jamie xx. His distinctive future garage style will teleport you to another time and space.


Move Me — Mura Masa ft. Octavian

This track will definitely get you moving with its rhythmic beats and percussive tune. Featuring a heavy bassline, this moody tune delivers a balmy flair that is ideal for warm summer days.

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