Escapism is only as good as where it gets you. For several seasons, the idea of getting away has inspired fashion designers to fabricate dream-world collections filled with whimsicality and fantasy, but izzue is not like the others.
What was offered in the label’s London Fashion Week debut was undoubtedly a different sense of escapism – one firmly rooted in the realities of the now. The Hong Kong label’s FW19 collection champions individuality by transforming the mundane and highlighting the raw and unvarnished reality of today’s fast-paced society.


The show unravelled as a journey of a 1000-day escape. The collection celebrated the label’s lexicon of wardrobe staples: trench coats, MA-1 jackets, striped tees and utilitarian-inspired accessories carpeted the runway.

The idea of returning to the bare essentials was what izzue wanted to capture with repurposed and reconstructed forms that took on a life of its own. Metallised utility vests, headpieces constructed from footwear designed by artist Shalva Nikvashvili, and striped cutout tops are panelled to hew a mood of mangled armour. Fit-for-purpose design took form through reworked t-shirts, dissected hoodies and experimental PVC suits. The focus was on moulding individuality – and relevance shone through each piece that marched down the runway.

izzue LFW



A memorable fashion moment isn’t one without a mood-setting beat. And in terms of music, izzue’s London Fashion Week debut delivered just as much attitude as it did musicality. Tapping into new-age, underground punk and alternative rock, the runway soundtrack was mixed and composed by Hong Kong native Leung Pak Ting. The renowned model, photographer, and musician pieces together an effusion of intransigence and irreverence through fast tempos and disjointed lyricism, much like the rebellious and nonconforming nature of this progressive collection.

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